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I'ved worked with a wide variety of people in ministry ranging from Hispanic, African American, Anglo,--with those hurting and whole for a variety of ministry purposes.  

Latest Projects

WayFinder's Church is about seeking to discover, know and follow Jesus.  WayFinding is about Exploring the Way of Jesus for ourselves, connecting with Jesus who calls himself the Way in genuine personal relationship and about living daily as best we understand in the Way Jesus taught us to live toward God and our fellow human being.

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work class and retreat. (A Day For Us)  In 2012, I took the Gottman Level One Marriage training in order to help couples revitalize and enrich their marriage relationships.  In 2013, I took the Gottman Educator training to become a Gottman Educator.   This training is done by the Gottman Institute who has been doing research on marriage for over 40 years.  I integrated Biblical insights with the Gottman research and created a marriage retreat and class.  The retreat a is one day intensive.  The class is a six weeks meeting for two hours at a time.  I also use the Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work book for Premarital counseling along with the state required inventory.

Community Garden: During our time at Monticello Covenant Church in 2013, we joined with others both Anglo and Hispanic to plant a community garden.  The vision was to create community between Spanish speaking church members and English speaking church members by working together for a common cause.  We planned a veggetable garden together, planted it, harvested and preserved it through worknights and special events.  Members were encouraged to harvest vegetables and give to friends and neighbors.  The garden was a place where we ate together with potlucks, worked together and played together.  



In 2013, I took a class in Immigration Law.  It was a week long intensive designed to help lay people aid immigrants in advocacy and basic paperwork filing.  To use this in a professional way, I would need to work under a lawyer for 100 hours or more.  I am able to listen to immigrant stories and direct them to those who can help with legal documents.  

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